Susmit Foundation Fundamental Literacy and Numeracy Program

📚✨ Join us in making a difference! At the SUSMIT FOUNDATION, we're committed to empowering underprivileged children through education and nourishment. Through our Nipun Bharat and Fundamental Literacy and Numeracy Program, we're providing quality education to children who need it most, unlocking their potential for a brighter future.

But our mission doesn't stop there. We're also fighting malnutrition head-on. Today, we distributed a nutritious meal of mix dal and chawal to ensure these children have the fuel they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Your support can change lives. Together, let's build a better tomorrow, one child at a time. Join us in our journey to make education and nutrition accessible to all. 💫 #SUSMITFOUNDATION #EducationForAll #NourishToFlourish 🌟