Special Screening of Movie 12th Fail for Chiildren

Dear Susmit Foundation Community,Today marks another milestone in our journey of connecting with the children of Susmit Foundation. We organized a special movie screening using a projector, featuring the film "12th Fail." Witnessing the joy and enthusiasm among the children was truly heartwarming.In addition to the movie, we distributed khichri and chips, adding a delightful touch to the event. A special mention goes to Krish, whose invaluable help made the movie screening possible. Without his dedication and support, this event wouldn't have been as successful.Our motivation is simple – to create moments of happiness and inspiration. In every child, we see the potential for greatness, just like the story of Manoj Sharma. May our collective efforts, alongside the support of individuals like Krish, pave the way for dreams to flourish.Thank you for being part of this meaningful initiative. Together, we can make a positive impact on these young lives.                       Susmit Foundation Team

Community Kitchen for Nutritional Aid and Support (CKNAS)

Susmit Foundation has established a Community Kitchen which serves more than 100 households on a daily basis. The Kitchen has been established near the Metro Station of Laxmi Nagar and through a team of underprivileged Women Entrepreneurs and Community Volunteers daily meals are provided to underprivileged communities in slums of Yamuna Pushta and lalita Park. Through this initiative Underprivileged Women are gaining a livelihood opportunity which is contributing to their family and households. Periodicallythrough this Kitchen Food Distribution Drives and Ration distribution drives will also be undertaken. Community Kitchen is a flagship initiative of Susmit Foundation which has provided daily meals to underprivileged children and families for more than 1000 days now.

Digital Skills for a Brighter Future (DSBF)

The Project Skills for Life aims at establishing a Digital Learning Centre (Susmit Digital Learning Centre) which will make Digital Accessible to more than 200 children of the age group of 6to 16 years in identified communities. The project aims at imparting basic computer literacy to underprivileged children having no access to computer knowledge and in a way are first generation learning of computers. The project will use a simple and easy to understand module aimed at developing building both theoretical and practical knowledge amongst project beneficiaries Presently more than 100 students are benefited through this Project and build comfort and confidence amongst children to use computers effectively and efficiently. The computers training's will be provided by certified trainers having prior experience of teaching basic computers to children and adolescent. In addition to those professional volunteers from different colleges and institutions will conduct workshops to build on the knowledge learnt in regular classes. Through CSR and Philanthropic Support, we seek to establish Susmit Digital Learning Centers