About us

Get to Know About Susmit Foundation

Susmit Foundation is a non-profit organization working with marginalized and underprivileged communities of Delhi-NCR. It works fundamentally of five social causes namely Education, Health and Nutrition, Community and Slum Development and Environment. The Educational Interventions focuses to act as a bridge team which ensures that most underprivileged kid starts or completes their basic education. The foundation continues regular food distributions, clothes distribution and facilitating education to underprivileged students in designated centers which are cost effective and accessible. All the projects of Susmit Foundation comply with Schedule VII of Companies Act, 2013 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Story

On 2nd October 2020, team Susmit Foundation who were inspired by the selfless work of late “Susmit” initiated distributing home cooked lunch packets to rag pickers and their kids in East Delhi. Initially quantity of food distributed was on a weekly basis (Every Saturday) through distribution of home cooked food to communities based in East Delhi primarily involved in rag picking. Many likeminded people and community-based organization joined hands with Susmit Foundation and supported our Projects, Campaigns and Events. The volunteers and staff of Susmit Foundation has played an integral role of mobilizing funds and resources to sustain the operations of the foundation and have contributed exceptionally to Campaigns during Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day, Joy of Giving Week, World Environment Day, Children’s Day and Women’s Day.

The Projects of Susmit Foundation has expanded to food distribution drives, monthly ration distribution drives, books and stationery distribution, Operation of community kitchen, facilitation of remedial education classes, conducting digital Literacy Classes, providing skills, training and livelihood opportunities and strengthening documentation of community members.


To empower grass root communities of Delhi – NCR through direct interventions in the area of Remedial Education, Digital and Life Skills Education, Skill Development, Health and Nutrition and Community Development. Yamuna cleanness drive, Clean of green Delhi and working towards Swatch Bharat Abhiyan are the long-term areas of environment related projects.


To be a leader in Slum Development and Community Development Initiatives through Projects and Campaigns aligned with flagship initiatives and schemes of GOI (State and Central Government) for Community Empowerment and Sustainable Development.